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Welcome to the biggest and most efficient college athletics network. We are here to help you prepare for college and find an athletic scholarship for college in the USA. Do not wait for college coaches to come to you and make an offer, do not spend money on athletic scholarships recruiting agency or athletic scholarships recruiting services; work your own way through our athletics community and communication platform. Your athletic scholarship is just around the corner, all you need to do is take four easy steps; open your account, become recognizable, get in touch with college coaches and sign your scholarship.


Contact as many college coaches as you want in only 5 minutes. Our college coaches email directory covers 41 men and women sport with contacts from over 20 thousand coaches. It takes only 4 easy steps to get in touch with them within 24 hours. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to quickly and easy get in touch with all coaches from your sport in NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA. Athletes-zone.com lets you decide how many college coaches you want to contact and lets you develop your own personal email.
Athletes-zone.com is not an athletic scholarship agency; we are simply a communication platform. All we do is enable you to efficiently contact coaches so you don't waste time and energy on individual email search, delivery of your emails into coaches' junk email or coaches not even reading your emails.


Create your own free of charge account on our social network and start your own recruiting process. It is never too early to start thinking about college, athletic scholarships and recruiting process. There are over 15 million potential college players from all over the world that are trying to get the same thing as you each year. College coaches simply do not have enough time and energy to actively recruit on daily basis. That is why you have to do what you can to position yourself in the recruiting world and let coaches be aware of you in order to get recruited. Stop wasting money on athletic scholarships recruiting services and take control over your recruiting process and get the exposure to college coaches.


Athletes-zone.com is simply the best online tool for athletes looking for college and athletic scholarship. We are a unique combination of free of charge community and biggest and most efficient email directory of college coaches. This site enables athletes to position themselves in a race for athletic scholarship with fellow athletes from all over the world. Athletes-zone.com has recognized a need from athletes for a tool that can help them get in contact with more coaches in less time and increase their chance of getting an opportunity to compete at the highest level. We know that being a student-athlete is the best way to go through college, experience the most wonderful things, develop great memories and potentially become a professional athlete. We are here to help you become a part of the best educational and athletic system in the world. Athletes-zone.com is not an athletic scholarships recruiting agency or recruiting service; we simply provide you with tools that will help you become successful student-athlete. Through our Community you can get in touch with college coaches, present yourself, your academic and athletic results and secure yourself an athletic scholarship. Becoming a student-athlete has never been easier, all you have to do is create your free of charge account, use our free college athletics Community or our most efficient and beneficial college coaches email directory.

Our Community is easy to use social network that connects college coaches and athletes. The idea is that coaches and athletes can easily share personal, academic and athletic information. Athletes can publish their personal information, their sport results, academic achievements and change their published information while coaches can look for recruits, track their sport results, look at their videos, college related tests, etc.

Our Resources section is simple and easy to find source of information that can help you get an understanding of how college system functions, what sports it covers, how many scholarships are available, what are the rules, criteria, procedures, etc. Also we provide you with tips how to write an email to college coaches but also with most useful and relevant links to resources with additional information, associations, governing bodies or college relevant tests.

Our Communication Platform is a unique system of communication we developed in order for young athletes to have the best chance to find a college and athletic scholarship for themselves. Coaches you decide to contact get your contact information and all other information that you write in an email and after that all communication goes directly through you. You can contact all the coaches in our directory if you want and you can resend your email as many times as you want, there are simply no restrictions.